The Girl With The Curl

Is My Cooking Really THAT Bad?

Those that know me well, know that I can cook, I just don't cook.  In fact, other than the odd steak and roast dinner, I haven't cooked for years much to the distress of Grumpy Pants (although it does give him... Continue Reading →


As Time Goes By

Ten years ago today, I stepped on a plane to Dubai and a new adventure, leaving Grumpy Pants to tidy up loose ends such as renting out the houses/selling cars, etc. before following me over two months later. A lot... Continue Reading →


I hope your day starts out better than mine! The following tale is true. Names have not been changed as there is no need to protect the innocent! So, there we are, on our regular morning walk, except today it... Continue Reading →

And Then There Were Three

One dog becomes three in less than five days?  Possible?  Realistic?  Yes!  And Yes! Getting up on Monday morning, it was just another chilled out start to the day.  A cup of tea, morning walk, go to work, blah blah blah.... Continue Reading →

Thank You!

For the last 8 months I have been without a job and at times been crawling the walls with boredom, loneliness and generally feeling like a failure (despite having the most amazing support from my very own Grumpy Pants). In... Continue Reading →

Number One Man In My Life?

Grumpy Pants thinks he has been demoted to #3 man in my life behind Lost of Arabia and Henry The Fat Cat. Sorry to say babe but it's actually #4.  #1 will always be my daddy, forever and ever. Nine years... Continue Reading →

Epic Encounter

Getting up any morning is excruciating for The Girl With The Curl, even when it is to go diving.  But when the alarm went off this Friday morning, I was particularly tempted to just roll over and go back to... Continue Reading →

Do You Know What Really “Grips My Sh*t”?

Sanctimonious, self-righteous, know-it-alls who lord it over others from the comfort of their armchair.  Thats what!  You know the type? Think they are better than everyone else, spouting all manner of personal views, judgement of others, safe in the knowledge... Continue Reading →

Carry On Diving

At one point this weekend I thought I had accidentally swam into the set of a Carry On Film, mid production.  Or perhaps even a Candid Camera set up with Jeremy Beagle jumping out from behind a rock at any... Continue Reading →

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